Is it Safe to Install a TV above a Fireplace?


First thing to consider when installing a TV above a fireplace is whether you’ll be watching the TV while burning a fire?

We recommend that you check surface temperature and TV specs before having your TV installed as too much heat adversely affects a TV’s lifespan and may void product warranties. A quick and easy experiment is to tape a thermometer onto the wall where you want the TV to go and record the temperature when the fire is blazing. If the temperature is higher than recommended, consider other locations to install your TV or continue with the installation but avoid watching TV and having the fireplace running simultaneously.

TVs installed above fireplaces are generally higher than the recommended 1.5 m sitting eye level which is why we also recommend that you sit and check to see if you experience neck strain. To help avoid neck strain and to help improve viewing angles we use tilt brackets for no additional cost. However if you are still concerned about neck strain you may want us to provide and/or install a more sophisticated, and slightly more expensive bracket, with an articulating pull- down arm. This bracket will allow you to lower the TV when you watch it, then stow it back over the fireplace.

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