5 mistakes to avoid while installing a CCTV system


Do not rush when installing CCTV cameras at home or in your company. There are some reflexes to adopt before and during the installation of a CCTV. To talk about it, we asked Louis-Marie Mouton from Camera Video Surveillance , leader in the sales and installations of security solutions in France. He told us about the 5 major points that we should focus on during the installation of a video surveillance system.

1.Forget to make a plan:

Before starting the installation of cameras, it is always necessary to choose a defined location. This is very important because you will be able to know precisely the length of the cable that you will need. Nothing worse than not having enough cable’s lenght! In doubt, it is better always to have a cable too long than one too short, so you will have fewer surprises. Creating a plan can also be useful to realize how many cameras you need. This can sometimes save you from having to pay more for a camera that is filming almost the same way as your other cameras. If you are not sure you can contact one of our expert from Wired Store and he will be happy to walk you tru the options.

2.Pick the wrong camera:

It sounds obvious, but that’s where we need to start. Depending on what you need, not all cameras are necessarily effective. For example, if the place you want to monitor is constantly in the dark, do not forget to take cameras equipped with infrared LEDs. In another case, if the area you want to shoot is very wide. Rather than installing 2 cameras each filming a different angle, you can opt for a PTZ camera, it means a motorized camera. A single camera with the right features can help you avoid a longer installation.

3.Choose the price at the expense of quality:

This is a very common mistake! To save money, you will tend to choose cameras of a lower quality or with poorer features. It is a mistake! It is always better to choose the latest technology in video surveillance. This is a field where technical progress is changing dramatically. You will always be a winner by choosing the best technology available at the moment. It is therefore interesting to turn to IP technology to guarantee the best possible image. The advantage of choosing the IP is twofold: in one hand you will have a very good image quality. On the other hand, you will have a system that can evolve very easily. You will only have to change your cameras without touching the cables to improve your CCTV system.

4.Get the wrong hard drive:

The storage capacity of your hard drive is a very important detail when you buy a CCTV kit. Its size will depend on the number of cameras of course, but also on the quality of your cameras. Full HD cameras will take up more storage space than just analog cameras. Depending on the recording time you want, you will have to adapt the size of the hard disk. Small advice: do not hesitate to choose recorders that accept multiple hard drives. And last important point: do not take any hard drive! A CCTV hard drive is different from the hard drive you have on your computer. It is indeed intended to write data constantly, which is not the case of a conventional hard disks.

5. Forget to indicate the presence of a CCTV system:

Some people tend to forget it too easily, but video surveillance is strictly framed by laws. This is why it is mandatory that you indicate with a sticker visible to all that the area is placed under video surveillance. This is especially valid if you film employees of your company. In addition, try to learn exactly about the law in force in your country regarding cameras filming a public area.

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