Things to know before buying Security Cameras


Security cameras have considerably evolved over the last few years. It’s all over the place nowadays but not everyone knows about it and trying to find a system through the hundreds of model and services can be intimidating. Thus before you pick the perfect CCTV camera for your home or business, you need to have an idea on what to look for.

Is it expensive?

Rushing for the biggest and most expensive model on the market is not wise. Neither is trying to find the cheapest one. Try to figure out what are your security requirement first. Then buy the best value for money security cameras system within your budget. It’s always wiser to invest in a good quality, small entry level system the allow you to add more cameras later. If you rush out and buy a unbranded cheap camera you might not be able to upgrade the system later on.

Check the warranty

Some small retailers selling unbranded cameras will only concede a statutory 6 months product guarantee at most. Trustworthy security companies should at least have 2 years warranty on the products and even more on installation.


The bigger the lens size, the narrower and zoomed the field of view will be. The standard lens are usually 3.6mm but it can change if you need precise adjustment to the angle and field of view.

Buyers should also look for the zoom. Some CCTV cameras come with digital zoom, while others have an optical zoom. Optical is better than as it can add new information when light reaches the sensor. It’s however also more expensive and not always needed.

Camera type

There are diverse type of Security Cameras, from the most affordable analogue ones to High Definition (HD) and Internet Protocol (IP) top end cameras. The first cameras were analogue, recording the video on tapes that you could access later. The problem with those cameras is that they did not broadcast live informations. It make it very difficult to access the feed for a remote location and monitor the video. The image quality is also very low compared to actual digital cameras and the tape has to run at a very slow speed in order to operate without interruptions. Because of the limited amount of frame per second the scene the camera is recording can be blurry if the subject on the video are moving fast. Digital Cameras use a signal that you can save directly on a computer solving a lot of the limitation analogue cameras have and fortunately prices have dropped significantly those past years making top end HD and IP cameras a lot more affordable for everyone.

We strongly suggest HD cameras. They provide a clear HD image suitable for identifying numbers and characters. It’s also a better evidence material for legal purposes.

Image quality

The best CCTV cameras of today produce videos in 4k. But in most cases a 1080p HD resolution will be enough because a better quality also trigger the need for a bigger storage capacity.


For an outdoor camera, waterproofing is a must.

And what about PTZ Camera?

PTZ Cameras are some of the most powerful – but also expensive – cameras in the market. We all get a little silly at the thought of having the most powerful security system. However PTZ cameras aren’t always the best solution for everyone and we do not recommend this product for simple home or small business security for example.

Wired Store has no interest in upselling people expensive system they don’t need because we focus on building long lasting relationship with our customers. For that reason we are interested in giving you the best possible fit for your needs. But if you have any question regarding PTZ cameras and whether or not they would work for you please give us a call and one of our expert will be happy to answer your questions.

Installation costs

Some provider will give you a very cheap price but you will then need to pay for installation, recorders, cables. You might also need to pay a fee every month. ALWAYS ask for the total cost of purchasing and installing the system beforehand.

Ask a security professional for advice

Before picking a CCTV security cameras system for your home or business, seek the advice of a security professional. Wired store is licensed by Victoria Police, our expert are available to assist with any question regarding CCTV cameras and can be reached at 1300 556 212.

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