Why Digital Signage?


Digital Signage have considerably evolved over the last few years. It’s all over the place nowadays but not everyone knows about it and how it works.

What is Digital Signage

You know the TV screens you see installed in a lot of public places, stores, restaurant – The food menu board at Mac Donald? That’s called Digital Signage. It works thru Digital displays using technologies like LCD, LED and projections to show images, videos, restaurant menus, text, weather or web pages.

Why Digital Signage

The main objective of Digital Signage is to add value to your business or organisation with a better communication. It can help you improve your image, strengthen your relationship with your customers, save you time and money and get you new sales opportunities.

In the long term it will also help you save money by avoiding printing costs.

How does it work

The digital content is managed via a control software that can be stand-alone or already integrated on the screen. New messages are created from a stock of audio, videos and images.

Any questions?

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