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Grab Melbourne’s attention with the best Digital Signage solutions


Choose your digital signage solution

Light up your business with digital signage

Cut through the noise, grab attention and interact with your customers like never before.

Boost Foot Traffic & Sales

Dynamic media is proven to grab more attention and increase store traffic and purchases.

6x More Effective

Digital signage advertising is six times more effective than static print advertising.

Reduce Printing Costs

Change or update menus, prices and special offers instantly. Save on printing costs and time.

Show Content at Relevant Times

Show coffee in the morning, burger with the lot at lunch time and soup of the day in the evening.

Control From Anywhere

With the inbuilt android software, you can update your content from your laptop anywhere in the world.

Installation made easy

We’ve taken the hassle out of deciding what you need with our ready-to-install packages. Choose the right one for you, tell us if you need to make any changes, and book a time. Simple.

Breathe new life into your retail space. Inform, engage and entertain your customers in new and exciting ways.
Make your menu even more mouth watering and reduce your customers’ perceiving waiting time.
When it comes to attention, size matters. Get wall to wall attention for your showroom, hallway or office.

What makes us Melbourne’s favourite Digital Signage installers?

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Still looking for the right equipment?

Wired Store is home to the latest digital signage screens from the biggest brands plus all types of mounting brackets. Shop now and have your digital signage solution delivered and professionally installed.

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