5 Reasons to work with local businesses rather than Franchises

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5 Reasons to work with local businesses rather than Franchises

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Franchises have been in the spotlight for the past few month with so many franchisees suffering from financial and mental breakdowns after seeing their dream to own a business turn into a nightmare.  Free work, underpayment, restraint on what they can do are just a few of the unfair arrangement franchisers forces franchisees to sign. According to The Gardian, “parliamentary inquiry into franchising code of conduct has not receive a single submission from a franchisee” because they fear it would breach their contract. Here are 5 reasons why you should work with a local business rather than a franchise.

1. Help your local economy

Making the choice of local business for the services you need is beneficial not only to the economy of your city but also to employment, because companies require local labor to produce.

2. Cut the middle men and Save Money

No need to pay for the corporate expenses and TV commercials franchises are running, find a local installer and just pay for the service.

3. Better flexibility

A local business owner only works for a small number of clients for whom he invests 100% of his time and do as a please because he doesn’t need to answer to a set of rules decided by a Franchiser.


4. Better Quality and service

Locals suppliers take pride in the service they provide for their community and will get the best possible products for your bucks. Meanwhile, franchisee won’t even be able to decide the antennas and TV brackets they want to use.

5. Better reliability

If you have a look at franchises reviews it’s really mixed. The service is sometimes referred as excellent and sometimes as dodgy. That’s because they have both good and bad franchisees. At Wired Store we hire and form all our technicians yourself and that’s why you will only get the best technicians for the jobs you need.



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