Black Friday Deal: $100 off TV Installations + FREE Bracket

Aaaand here we go again. Black Friday is back. It’s one of the biggest annual shopping frenzies and we’re not about to let our fans down. Hold your finger steady… have we got a deal for you. Have you been staring at that wall thinking how good a TV would look there? Then Black Friday is your lucky day. Get $100 OFF when you book [...]

What is HDR on TVs?

Here we go again, there’s a new buzzword in town - HDR, or High Dynamic Range. It’s the hottest trend in the TV world at the moment and no one can stop talking about it. But we’ve been let down by shiny acronyms in the past. So is HDR just marketing fluff or is it the real deal? Put it this way, HDR is going [...]

OLED VS QLED – Which is better in 2019

The stars have truly aligned. The golden age of television has coincided with the golden age of television technology. Weekend binges of dragons, slick lawyers and drug deals gone bad have never looked better. Then there’s all the other home entertainment offerings - 4k sports broadcasts, blu-rays and gaming. What a time to be in the market for a new TV… Only, now there’s a [...]

How to Mount a TV on Your Wall

After spending hours researching and staring at all the panels in the store, you’ve finally picked out ‘the one’. But right now it’s sitting on the floor looking pretty sad. A thing of beauty like this deserves to be on the wall. A TV wall mount offers many benefits over a standard TV stand. It frees up valuable space, prevents nasty little fingerprints, and adds [...]

5 Reasons to work with local businesses rather than Franchises

Franchises have been in the spotlight for the past few month with so many franchisees suffering from financial and mental breakdowns after seeing their dream to own a business turn into a nightmare.  Free work, underpayment, restraint on what they can do are just a few of the unfair arrangement franchisers forces franchisees to sign. According to The Gardian, "parliamentary inquiry into franchising code of [...]

Is it Safe to Install a TV above a Fireplace?

First thing to consider when installing a TV above a fireplace is whether you’ll be watching the TV while burning a fire? We recommend that you check surface temperature and TV specs before having your TV installed as too much heat adversely affects a TV’s lifespan and may void product warranties. A quick and easy experiment is to tape a thermometer onto the wall where [...]

Choosing The Right Spot for a TV Wall Installation

When going for a TV wall installation it’s important to choose a spot where it will look good as well as somewhere practical. No matter what size or type of TV you bought, take time and consider the placement for a moment. Room lightning and reflections are the first killers of TV images so you want to avoid choosing a wall directly opposite a [...]

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