WIRED AU – New Royalty-Free Record label

//WIRED AU – New Royalty-Free Record label

WIRED AU – New Royalty-Free Record label

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A lot of restaurants and businesses ask us for the best solution to broadcast music in their shops without having to worry about getting a licence from the record company, ARIA and/or from AMCOS.

The purchase of a CD or a Spotify subscription only gives you the right to play the music privately, and to pass on the same physical disc to another person.  The Copyright Act allows you to “format shift” music for personal use, for example, to copy from CD format to MP3 format in certain limited situations. However, this does not extend to use of the music on commercial premises. 

That’s why we created a Royalty-Free Record Label we will use to source the best locals artists, sign them and let you broadcast it for free in your shops.

It’s still a work in progress with only a few songs but until then we also found the best royalty free music already signed and created Spotify playlists you can stream worryfree.

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Phone: 1300 556 212