Digital Signage Solutions in the Workplace

//Digital Signage Solutions in the Workplace

Digital Signage Solutions in the Workplace

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Yes, adding digital signage displays will make your workplace appear cooler, sexier, sleeker and more fun.

But it’s also much more than that.

What if we told you it can profoundly reshape your company culture and boost your revenue?


The Employee Experience

Last year in Forbes, brand-building expert Denise Lee Yohn declared 2018 “The Year of the Employee Experience”.

The employee experience is the sum of all the interactions an employee has with their employer from the time they apply for a position to their last day at the company.

This includes all the things the employer provides like…

  • The physical workspace
  • Tools and technology to do the job
  • Recognition and appreciation
  • Commitment to the health and success of the employee

The better employee experience you provide, the more engaged your employees are.

And why is this so important?

By improving employee engagement, companies can see an increase in productivity by up to 25%.

As productivity goes up, so does your company revenue.

So it’s time to ask yourself the one question that’s often overlooked but crucial to your company’s success…

Just how engaged are your employees?

The Age of Disengagement

Unfortunately, the level of disengagement in today’s workplace is at an all-time high.

A staggering 87% of people worldwide are disengaged at work.  

Patrick Lencioni, author of the book, ‘The Truth About Employee Engagement’, pinpoints 3 main reasons why people are disengaged:

  1. Anonymity employees feel that management doesn’t know or care about their performance.
  2. Irrelevance – employees don’t understand or can’t see how their jobs make a difference to the company.
  3. Immeasurement – employees also need to be able to gauge their progress and level of contribution for themselves.

The Power of Workplace Digital Signage

Okay enough doom and gloom.

Yes, there’s a whole list of reasons why people aren’t engaged enough. But saviours are at hand. One of which is the digital signage screen.

Here are all the ways digital signage displays can boost employee engagement rates back up and transform your workplace.


Break Through Information Overload

Come Monday, employees are diving head first into meetings, projects and client matters. There’s simply no time or means to stay on top of every piece of information.

Digital signage displays can serve as water coolers in the workplace. They can highlight easily digestible visuals and video clips so staff can stay informed with minimal effort.

Speaking of Information Overload… Check Your Inbox

Here’s another eye-opening stat.

Today’s average office worker receives 121 emails per day.

When there are that many emails, it’s easy for messages to get buried, forgotten or read too late.


Boost Morale

While raises and bonuses are great, studies have found that praise from managers is the most effective way to foster top performance.

Digital signage allows you to sing your praises to team efforts for everyone to see.

For those days that seem to drag on forever, highlight performance milestones, celebrate birthdays, anoint the best office DJ or show cute photos of pups – the ways to make your employees smile and reignite their passion for their job are limited only by your creativity.


Motivate and Create Urgency

If you’ve got a hot sales floor that’s hungry and competitive, nothing will fire them up more than a real-time sales leader board.

Enter the digital signage screen. If Matt sees Jenny overtake him to first place, that’ll motivate him to add some extra spice to his sales pitch.


Transparency & Real-Time Performance

A key ingredient to a great relationship is transparency.

Digital signage solutions allow you to display performance dashboards, giving everyone a clear view of where the company is, where it’s going, and how they’re making a difference.

Transparency is also the ultimate trust-builder. Sharing company performance metrics flattens company hierarchy and encourages everyone to work towards the common goal of taking the company onwards and upwards.


Messaging on a Tight Schedule

Another key advantage of digital signage is being able to circulate information in a timely fashion.

Many scheduling functions can be automated. Big meeting coming up? Don’t sweat it, everyone’s already been reminded.

Messages can be repeated at intervals too. A one-off email about training opportunities on a busy day will be marked as read without a second thought, but on a digital signage screen, the same message can become a regular reminder and motivator to take up the offer.

When it comes to urgent messages, digital signage in the workplace can also double as an emergency warning system should the need arise. Is there a fire? A short notice inspection? Get your people up to speed and out of harm’s way at a moment’s notice.

Laser-Focused Delivery

Multiple displays can have their own content plans allowing you to direct information exactly when and where it needs to go.

Think of it as sending department specific emails, just far more flexible and direct. You can even tailor them to individuals, like providing instructions at specific times and locations for new employees.

Start a Conversation

Everyone wants to be heard. Digital signage screens allow you to interact with your employees and hero their feedback and input.

Take polls like where to go for work lunch, hold contests, get people to share memes and funny quotes or ask for anonymous suggestions – whatever the format, you’ll receive valuable insight from your employees, and they’ll get to be part of the decision-making process.


Customer Facing Benefits

If your workplace is open to the customer, digital signage offers some extra perks. Having slick screens around your office will signal to your customers that you’re a dynamic outfit.

You can also direct your digital signage towards them to deliver product info or promotional material. Remember those positive reviews and employee achievements we put up to boost morale? They’re now serving as perfect advertisements for your company and its employees.


Wayfinder and Space Availability

Got a large corporate campus? Digital displays can help workers and guests find their way around. Because content can be updated in real-time, they can also reflect the availability of conference rooms, workstations and hot desks so that employees don’t waste time wandering around.

Employee engagement was the major talking point of 2018 and it’s only going to be more important in 2019.

The digital signage screen is versatile, influential and it motivates everyone around it to communicate, collaborate and perform better.

When can you start you ask? Find out by calling us on 1300 556 212 or browse our range of digital signage solutions today.






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